Program Outline:
I What Are The Levels of Care That We Provide?

1. Re-Entry/Continuing Care
a. Many people go away to inpatient treatment facilities for addiction treatment. The stay is usually for 30, 60 or 90 days. One of the most challenging aspects of recovery is how to continue receiving services upon return. It is one thing to get clean and sober while away, but returning to the community poses special challenges because home is where many of the stressors, triggers, people, places and things that contributed to addiction in the first place. Addiction is a chronic problem and it is imperative that people continue community care upon return from rehab. Our program specializes in providing ongoing care for those back from treatment. We cater the program to fit schedules for those who are working or going to school.
2. Crisis
a. Many people and their families are at a loss when addiction hits. While problems related to addiction usually emerge over varying periods of time, problems peak during periods of crisis. This may be an overdose, job loss, end of a relationship or failure in school. Sometimes people have simply had enough.
b. At Recovery Spot NY we specialize in evaluating people at times of crisis. All clients are evaluated by a Physician who is Board Certified in Addiction Medicine and by a Certified Recovery Coach . We will make treatment recommendations that make given the clinical situation. Each client will be provided with a comprehensive treatment plan as well as a Comprehensive Recovery Wellness Evaluation and Plan.
3. Ambivalence
a. Many people are in a place where they know that intoxicants are causing them problems, or they feel that things are somewhat, if not way out of control; consequences may be increasing or others in their lives may be increasingly concerned. That does not mean they are necessarily ready to quit using. At Recovery Spot NY we appreciate that clients are often in very different places in terms of their readiness to stop using drugs/alcohol. Our philosophy is to meet the client where they are.
b. Although it may be an ultimate goal for many, complete abstinence is not a requirement for participation in the program. We believe that “Where There Is Life…There is Hope”. We 100% respect a person’s right to self-determine their path, and our Certified Recovery Coaches are skilled at working with, and not against our clients. Scientific literature indicates that allowing people to remain in treatment is a very important aspect of success at recovery, even if they are struggling to remain clean and sober. If they continue to remain connected to treatment, they have a much better chance of improving.

4. Ambulatory Detox
a. At Recovery Spot NY, we provide outpatient, ambulatory, medical detoxification for those withdrawing from Opiates, Heroin, Painkillers, Adderall, Ritalin, Cocaine and Crystal Meth. We are able to do outpatient, ambulatory detoxification for patients with mild forms of alcohol or benzodiazepine withdrawal as well in our AAAA Certified Surgicenter. We provide one-on-one supervision for those who need it.
5. Long-Term Recovery Management
a. At Recovery Spot NY, we provide long-term recovery management services for people who wish to continue in treatment. We provide on-going clinical support with individual and/or group therapy designed to address issues related to maintaining sustained sobriety.
6. Co-Occuring Psychiatric and Pain Disorders
a. Our program is owned and operated by two physicians, one who is Board Certified in Pain Management and another who is an ASAM Certified Addiction Psychiatrist. Additionally, we provide treatment by Licensed therapists trained to treat complex forms of psychiatric illness. Therefore, we are able to evaluate and treat patients who suffer from co-occuring problems such as pain and/or psychiatric issues (Depression, Anxiety, Bipolar Disorder, PTSD,ADHD, OCD, Phobias) that very often complicate substance use disorders.

II What Is Included In The Initial Consult/Evaluation?

1. Biopsychosocial Evaluation:
a. The initial consultation starts with a full biopsychosocial evaluation to assess the immediate needs of the client and begin to determine the level of recovery management options that best match his or her clinical needs.
2. Medical Evaluation(s)
a. The initial consult also includes an evaluation by Ramesh Sawhney, M.D. – Pain management specialist, and Scott Bienenfeld, M.D., who is an ASAM certified Addiction Psychiatrist, in order to determine if there are an Pain or Co-Occuring Psychiatric Issues that need to be addressed either acutely or in an on-going way.
3. Once a comprehensive evaluation is completed, a treatment plan will be generated for participation in the program.