Ava Diamond, LCSW

Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Ava Diamond earned her Masters in Clinical Social Work from Columbia University over twenty years ago and expanded her training intensively across many different areas including emotional intelligence, trauma and addiction recovery, family systems, motivation and mentalization. She has taught at Yale University School of Medicine, and she writes articles for addiction treatment mags/websites as well as fitness/women’s magazines, speaks in community forums, and co-hosts radio shows. I have developed my clinical expertise through more than two decades of work with hundreds of adolescents and adults struggling with the most challenging parts of life: addiction, trauma, mood disorders, physical pain, and divorce. I am a Clinician with an entrepreneurial bent and pioneering leadership style. That means I can use a mix of evidence-based practices with a creative approach to best meet your needs. I think “outside of the box” and can help you or your organization expand your understanding of self and effectiveness in the world that matters to you.