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Thank you for you interest in The Recovery Spot.

Recovery Spot NY was founded by two physicians: Ramesh Sawhney, M.D. – Anesthesiologist and Pain Management Specialist, and Scott Bienenfeld, M.D. – Addiction Psychiatrist, who wanted to improve the delivery of healthcare to people suffering from Pain, Addiction and Mental Health problems.

After decades of treating patients with these issues, Doctors; Sawhney and Bienenfeld realized that by providing an array of services under one roof, not only are they able to deliver a much higher level of care to their patients, but they are also able to offer them many more treatment options in order to achieve true wellness utilizing the most cutting edge treatment protocols available.

Dr. Sawhney and Dr. Bienenfeld have assembled a team of licensed clinicians and certified recovery coaches who are seasoned professionals dedicated to helping those in need.

At Recovery Spot NY, we firmly believe that recovery from pain, addiction and mental health problems is not possible with a “one-size-fits-all” model, and they specialize in tailoring care to meet the individual’s needs. Dr. Sawhney and Dr. Bienenfeld truly believe in meeting the client ‘where they are’.

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