Personalized Weight Loss Consultations

Our Nutritionist Manu Dawson will develop a Personalized Weight (Fat Loss) program based on a Nutrient Assessment Lab Testing. We will measure your Body Fat %, Lean Body Mass, Bone Weight, and Mass and Water Weight to get a complete picture of your Body Composition. We also offer to test measure your Nutrient levels.

We give dietary guidelines Nutrient recommendations and Exercise recommendations based on the above information. Our goal is to not just loose weight our goal is to develop a Healthy Body Composition. We will schedule weekly or bi-weekly or monthly meetings to assess and support your progress.

*Individual Detoxification Consultations at Ketamine NYC and the Recovery Spot.

Our Nutritionist Manu Dawson will develop a personalized Detoxification Protocol based on an analysis of your Detoxification Function and Toxic load we offer cutting edge scientific testing that determines your bodies ability to remove various environmental Toxins as well as measuring Toxic levels in your body.

Manu Dawson CYNTh will offer Free Mini Consults every Wednesday 2:30-3:30

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