In layman’s terms, Suboxone is a compound that is made of two basic components. One of those is buprenorphine, and the other is naloxone. Buprenorphine is the opioid part of Suboxone, however offers a patient “less euphoria and physical dependence,” than medical opioids, according to the NAABT. The brain recognizes it as an opioid, so the body doesn’t experience the tense withdrawal symptoms that it would experience without any opioids at all.

The other half of Suboxone, naloxone, blocks the effects of an opioid when it is absorbed by the body. It isn’t absorbed well in the mouth, so Suboxone can be ingested orally and be recognized as an opioid. However, if Suboxone is used in any other way, such as through injection, naloxone blocks the brain from recognizing buprenorphine and the user does not receive a high, and instead triggers typical withdrawal symptoms associated with opioids. Because of its potency in preventing opioids from being absorbed by the brain, it is also used frequently to help someone who is in the middle of an overdose.

A Careful Solution For A Nationwide Opioid Epidemic

Giving Suboxone in detox to an opioid addict might seem like prescribing sugar to someone who is a diabetic. Despite the fact that it may seem like one of the components that caused the original problem, weaning someone off in safe and professional setting is the best way to begin life without drugs or opioids at all. By the end of treatment, patients will not be any substances whatsoever, having detoxed off of their origin substance and having too eliminated their need for Suboxone. Patients that properly complete Suboxone detox end up drug free.

Suboxone is the milder choice among many dangerous narcotics, and when administered carefully, can make detox far less difficult. It is a step in the right direction, not a step in the wrong direction. Remember, addiction is not entirely physical. An important aspect of defeating addiction comes after detox – rehab. Attending rehab is a process of learning how to cope with triggers and developing relationships and support, which will help prevent relapse and falling into the same habits. Detox is the physical component and is critical to ensuring rehab is successful – Suboxone is simply a carefully administered method to make that process more comfortable.