Todd Uresse

Certified Peer Recovery Specialist

Todd Uresse is a CCAR Certified Peer Recovery Specialist, and CCAR trained in S.M.A.R.T, CRAFT and the Harm Reduction models of Recovery. In addition to being in long term recovery himself, he is the Chairman of TenaflyCAP which is a Municipal Alliances responsible for raising awareness of the dangers of Underage drinking and Drug Use. Todd also is a founding member of Bergen Counties O.O.R.P. Program. This pilot program delivers peer recovery specialists to over dose victims in local Emergency Rooms following the administration of NARCAN. The OORP is simple in its steps but lifesaving in its results. When an individual has been reversed from an overdose, the hospital emergency room staff immediately contacts one of the Peer Recovery Specialists who are on call 24 hours a day. The Peer Recovery Specialist – who is not only trained, but also in recovery from addiction – visits shortly after the patient regains consciousness in the emergency room. The timing of the connection is the linchpin of this innovative program and is based on the premise that the overdose itself may be traumatizing enough to motivate the person to make a permanent change away from opioid use.